Back school buildings

The back school buildings. Oh the place where everything happened. The fights. The break ups. The make ups. The promises. The kisses. Everything. Both good and bad. We would hang out in the mornings and hug in the afternoon. It was like a circus people would ask to watch.  And all I said was “yeah. No problem” the more the merrier. Right? Well that’s what they say. He would give me chocolates.  Oh boxes and boxes of them. He used to say that every heart in there told me how much he loved me only times by one thousand. And I believed it. Who wouldn’t?  My first boyfriend. My only boyfriend.To this day I cannot forget our first kiss. The first time he held me. At the back school building. People would come and watch. Watch us be together. And I kept on thinking Jeez guys get a life. Mines already here where’s yours? How wrong I was. It was a test. And I failed. I was used. It was a scam. A joke. Those long months he got me believing We were an item. I was just played. A dare. Some messed up prank people pay to see. No wonder they would come by the dozens. They all paid to see if I would find out. Eventually I did. And my life came crashing down. 


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